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Can I Use The Free Will Service?

At The Willsmiths we offer a free online will writing service with any protection review. What does this mean? For people with existing Life insurance, Critical illness cover or Income Protection we offer a service where we will review that protection and ensure it is working with your Will, all for free!

Reviewing your Protection regularly is essential, as over time you may be able to get better cover, or it may just not be doing what you need it to do anymore. To encourage people to get these reviews we offer a Free Will service to get your Will updated at the same time.

Free Will Writing Service

Whilst our Free Will Writing service may sound too good to be true, it is completely free. This isn’t a cheap Will scheme, we discount our normal fee of £149.00 for your Will as long as you review your Protection at the same time.

Is the Free Will Service only for new Wills?

Whether you are looking to write or update your current Will we offer this service. As the UK’s leading Free Will service we are able to offer quality estate planning, but at affordable prices. This therefore means that you can get your Will written free of charge.

Why do we do it?

Most protection policies are either set up wrong, or have been set up through a mortgage advisor or Bank with ‘Loaded’ premiums.

A loaded premium is an increased premium so YOU pay more for cover than if you went direct or got cover through us. This means not only can we save you money on your Will, but we can possibly save you money on your Protection policies as well.

Your peace of mind

Getting your Will written by professionals and your protection policies set up correctly and for the right price is good for your mental health. You know that if something happens to you the right things will happen for your loved ones.

  • Save money on a Will
  • Save money on your insurances
  • Get a professional service by a qualified Estate Planner

Is this just for Free Wills Month?

No, we offer a free Will service all year around with a protection review. Unlike most Estate Planners and Will writers that only offer free Wills for one month a year, we offer a Free Will Writing Service all year round.

Do you have to see me Face to Face?

We can do the whole process online and over the phone. We try and keep it as easy and simple as possible. We also work around your timescales to contact you when it’s convenient.

Protection and Will Writing

Protection policies and Will Writing go hand in hand. After all your Life insurance is likely to form part of your Will. That is why it forms a key part of our Free Will writing service.

Types of Protection Policy

There are obviously lots of insurance policies out there, if you are unsure if your protection policies qualify for a free will service get in touch and we can tell you. However, the most common ones are:

  • Term life Insurance
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

How much does a Will normally cost?

We normally charge £149.00 per Will, so this Free Will Service will save you that much if you are single, or up to £298.00 for a couple. If you want a Trust or a Lasting Power of Attorney we generally charge extra for this.

Free Online Will Writing Service

The process usually involves speaking to a person, however, if you are wanting a more online service we have the means to do a lot of the process online.

We try and make the process as simple as possible for you. So the first step is to get in touch via either our Live chat, or on our contact us page.

Do you need a will?

Everyone should probably have a Will. They let people know what you want to happen in the event of your death. This covers everything from who you want to inherit from you (Beneficiaries) to what music or literature you want at your funeral. Even simple things like do you want to be buried or cremated?

With this in mind everyone should consider getting a Will.

Who should consider getting a Will?

There are, of course, many reasons to get a Will. Some of these are:

  • Having dependant children (Or even non dependant children) – You probably want to make sure they are looked after, or if they are non-dependant you may want to make sure they benefit from your estate. Without a Will it’s possible dependant Children may be taken into care rather than staying with a loved one.
  • If you aren’t married. – If you’re not married you shouldn’t assume anything will go to your partner, as it probably won’t. Before marriage most of your inheritance will likely go to a blood relative, often a parent.
  • You think you may have to pay inheritance tax – As a general rule if your total estate is over £325,000 you may have to pay inheritance tax. And as inheritance tax can be 40% that could be a lot of money to go to the tax man.
  • You have specific Funeral requests – If you know what you want to happen at your funeral, you likely need a Will to make it happen. Of course you could just tell your family, but if it’s in your Will it essentially has to happen.

Should I use a professional such as The Willsmiths, or try and do it myself?

This is a question we get asked a lot. As professional Estate planner we think moneysavingexpert have the right idea with this one. They say:

“Who writes your will matters – the protections can vary hugely and problems may not come to light until after your death, which could be many years later.”

How do I find out more?

Get in touch with one of our qualified, professional Estate Planners. You can either get in touch by phone or via our Live chat.

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